Days Are Gone

by Hell To Pay

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Debut release from Western Mass' own Hell To Pay.
***Previously unbeknownst to us there was a mix up when the tracks got uploaded. The songs you hear now are better quality than the last batch. Thanks for understanding.


released March 17, 2015

Justin P
Dom D



all rights reserved


Hell To Pay Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Days Are Gone
do you remember when we were like brothers?
we'd do anything for each other
but time's done it's work and we've grown apart
and now there's nothing left in my heart

those days are gone
you've lost it all

so many times i watched you flirt with death
i tried to help you but wasted my breath
the poison's won after all
now we just watch you fall

i looked up to you
i stood up for you
i fought for you
but those days are gone
Track Name: Memories
we thought we were untouchable
we thought we were invincible
but we were so mistaken
how many of us lost our way
how many of us were led astray
looking back i can see it now
things we did things we all shared
memories lingering in my head
memories of good times and old friends
i try to remember the good
but sad to say it's just no good
memories lingering in my head

in my head
in my head
i guess life's had it's way with us
Track Name: By A Thread
i'm my own worst enemy
i cut my nose off to spite my face
i choose my own path
i dig my own grave
and i slip away

the voices in my head
lead me astray
again and again
they whisper in my ear
those whispers grow to screams
and i'm hanging
by a thread
Track Name: Choke On My Pride
i'd rather choke on my pride than swallow their shit
we fight for scraps they pick their teeth with our bones
why can't we escape this? generations of frustration